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Channel Letter Signs

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Channel letters are dimensional LED illuminated letters, symbols or logos that are mounted to an exterior wall. Channel letters can be used for store front signs or mounted to the top of a high-rise building. Channel letters can be individually mounted or mounted to a raceway for ease of installation. Channel letters can be also mounted on the face of a cabinet sign.

A popular choice for many Houston industries and companies, channel letter signs are comprised of dimensional LED illuminated letters, symbols, or logos that are mounted to an exterior wall. Channel letters can be installed as store front signs or mounted on the top of a building. They can also be mounted to a raceway for ease of installation, or on the face of a cabinet sign.

The versatility and flexibility of channel letter signage allows them to be customized to meet any branding or design choices. Whether you select standard letters and shapes, or something completely custom, Sign Advisors of Houston is here to assist in creating just the right signs for your needs.

Business Channel Letters

The most requested storefront signage is channel letter signs. These three-dimensional signs are also popular for office buildings, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, churches, schools, shopping centers, malls, grocery stores, and many others.

Created from forming custom cut metal elements like symbols, numbers, letters, or images channel letter signs are then secured and aligned against a solid backing frame. Storefront channel letters can be flush mounted directly against a building or with a raceway behind it where it may be more difficult to install the sign.

Some businesses spell out a slogan or name, and some include their logo. The wide variety of available styles, colors, fonts, and sizes make it easy to personalize your channel letter sign for your business. There are also a variety of colored vinyl that can be applied to the face, including perforated vinyl that can show a color during the day while illuminating white light at night.

Facelit and Backlit Illuminated Signs

Channel letter signs help your business stand out even more because they are illuminated with high output LED lighting. Facelit channel letters shine the lite through the acrylic face. While most channel letters use white acrylic as the face, colored translucent vinyl can be applied to give the letter any color or shade. Digital printed vinyl can also be applied to the face of the letter to provide custom colors, images or logos, including gradients. Backlit channel letters have an aluminum face with an acrylic back to shine the light back against the wall, giving a halo lighting affect. There are many different reasons and tradeoffs in choosing front-lit versus back lit (or also more recently dual front-lit and backlit) channel letters.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letter signs are similar to channel letter signs in use for names, letters and logos.  However, channel letters are fabricated out of several different elements that are assembled together while dimensional letters are cut from a solid sheet of metal, acrylic, or other material and vary in thickness from nearly flat to several inches in depth. This is why dimensional letters are sometimes termed flat cut out letters. Dimensional letter signs are still very flexible, offering a variety of fonts, styles, and sizes along with the ability to make the sign as thick or as thin as you wish. Dimensional letters work well as for lobby signs and indoor signs or on the face of monument or directional signage.


Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Whether you are in the market for an illuminated channel letter sign or a dimensional letter sign, Sign Advisors of Houston works with you to help you to choose the sign that best fits your budget and brand. We will make sure you get the attention-drawing channel letters signs you need to get the attention of your target customers.

Call Sign Advisors today at 713-494-1174 or contact us for a Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation.

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