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Sign Types

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Business Signs

If you operate a Houston business, an important consideration is the type of signage you implement in and around your facility. A top-quality, professional, easy-to-read business sign generates name recognition and brand awareness and can help you stand out.

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Building Signs

Building signs attach an exterior or interior wall. These signs can be illuminated, such as channel letters or a sign cabinet or can be non-illuminated such as banner, flat cut out letters, or acrylic or metal panel signs.

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Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are dimensional signs comprised of a metal frame with acrylic or metal faces. They can be mounted on a building or attached to a ground-mounted pole, and are typically internally illuminated by fluorescent or LED lighting.

Dentist Channel Letter Sign Houston Texa

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters are dimensional LED illuminated letters, symbols or logos mounted to an exterior wall. They can be used for store front signs or mounted to the top of a high rise building. Channel letters can also be mounted on the face of a cabinet sign.


Church Signs

Church signs are designed for use by churches and other religious organizations. A typical church sign is comprised of an internally illuminated monument sign that may include a LED digital display, the church name, logo, colors as well as religious symbols.


Digital Signs

Digital signage includes smaller digital displays similar to digital LED monitors that can show content in a variety of software formats.  Digital displays can also be installed together to form digital video walls.

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Exterior Signs

Exterior signs are signs installed outside of a building, attached to the exterior wall of a building or directly installed in the ground. Wall signs can include sign cabinets or channel letters. Ground signs can include monument signs, pylon signs, poles signs along with directional and wayfinding signs.


Hospital Signs

Hospitals and emergency rooms can often be chaotic environments, where time is of the essence. The right healthcare signs play an important part in creating a calm experience for patients and visitors, and a less stressful environment for employees.

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Interior Signs

Interior signs are typically wall mounted for reception and entryways as well as  offices, conference rooms, restrooms or other spaces, as well as wayfinding and emergency directions. A required sign type is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) signs with braille and raised lettering to identify specific areas. 

Digital Display Electronic Message Cente

LED Electronic Message Center Signs

LED electronic message center signs are computerized, programmable signage designed to withstand the weather elements like rain, snow, and even harsh sunlight. Changeable message signage can be your most cost-effective advertising tool.


LED Signs

LED signs are also known as electronic message centers (EMC), digital displays or simply digital signs. LEDs allow changeable messaging that a provide highly customized advertising for your business. LED signs can be mounted directly to a wall or incorporated into a monument sign or pylon sign. 

Hotel Monument Sign.jpg

Monument Signs

Monument sign are exterior ground signs (usually less than 8 feet high) that are used to identify building occupants or tenants. Monument signs can be either illuminated or non-illuminated and can be made of many different materials including aluminum, brick or stone.


Neon Signs

Similar to traditional neon signs, neon can be installed on cabinet signs or aluminum panels to provide a retro neon sign look. They have been helping business owners stand out from their competition since the 1950s, and they’re still as effective as ever.

Retail Shopping Center Monument Sign Hou

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are taller free-standing ground signs that incorporate business brands and logos. These illuminated signs can incorporate multiple tenants and brands. Some of the most creative and iconic pylon signs can be seen on major roadways for great distances.

Interior Restaurant Sign.JPG

Restaurant Signs

For Houston restaurants, effective signage starts outside the building and carries through into the actual dining area, providing an attractive, cohesive, and professional environment. Restaurant signs are critical for making sure your business is well-recognized and stands out from the competition.

Retail Sign Houston Texas.JPG

Retail Signs

Retail signage is a strategic marketing tool that helps attract and impress customers, generate traffic in your retail location, and drive revenue. The right retail sign will boost your brand and showcase who you are and what you sell. It will also help you standing out in the crowded Houston retail market.

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School Signs

School signs can do a lot more for your school than you may realize. Well-designed school signs also help establish a school’s presence and image in the Houston community, giving passersby and visitors a good impression of your institution.

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