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School Signs

School signs can do a lot more for your school than you may realize. They provide an essential avenue of communication between school administrators and parents, students, staff, and the community. Not only do they bridge communication gaps, they also can have a significant impact on your school’s branding. Further, school signs encourage student involvement, parent engagement, and help keep everyone’s safety a priority.


Well-designed school signs also help establish a school’s presence and image in the Houston community, giving passersby and visitors a good impression of your institution.


Show Your School Spirit

Custom school signs can play a key role in your school’s overall image. Signage throughout campus and buildings can support your brand and increase school pride.


Direct Students and Visitors

Not only will custom school signs enhance your branding and display your school spirit, it can also direct students and visitors as they navigate through a building or across campus. Whether you need directional signage to get people from building to building, or need more specific indoor room or directory signs, Sign Advisors of Houston can help.


Share News and Announcements with Digital Signs

Have a big game or special event coming up? Ready to welcome students back for another school year (or wish them a fun summer break?) The right digital display sign can help you do that and much more for your school. Digital displays, sometimes referred to as LED signs or electronic message centers can provide real time communication about the school calendar, campus activities or safety and emergency messaging.


Donor Recognition

Parents, students, and community members love to see the difference they make through contributions to your school. Sign Advisors of Houston can help you organize and communicate a meaningful donor recognition effort using appropriate signage. From integration with traditional signage elements to large custom displays, we help you create a solution that makes a lasting impact.


Free School Sign Consultation

Sign Advisors of Houston understands how important your school’s role is in your community and in the lives of your students and their families. We will work with you to make sure you order the signs that are most suitable for your school and the purposes they will serve.


Call Sign Advisors today at 713-494-1174 or contact us for a Free School Sign Consultation.

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Serving Houston and All of Texas

We serve Houston and all of Texas. While Houston is home, Sign Advisors has capabilities that span all of Texas and beyond. We can help you find the best sign pricing in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio or any other Texas region.

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