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Neon Signs

Neon signs are one of the most beautiful, unusual, and bright types of signs. They have been helping business owners stand out from their competition since the 1950s, and they’re still as effective as ever. Day and night, neon signs catch the eye of your highly mobile customers as they pass by your location.


Since the advent of LEDs, neon is no longer used as an internal lighting source for channel letters. Today neon is often used for open faced channel letters to provide a unique lighting glow. Similar to traditional neon signs, neon can be installed on cabinet signs or aluminum panels to provide a retro neon sign look.


For some applications, neon can be replaced to modern LED sign products (see LED Signs). However, neon signs will remain an important consideration for many applications. Here are some of the benefits that neon signs offer business owners:


Neon Signs Are Very Visible

Neon signs are a luminous, eye-catching addition to any business at any time of the day or night. Since our eyes are naturally drawn to color and light in the dark, installing a neon sign will instantly boost your visibility, even in a crowded area filled with competitors.

Neon Signs Are Energy Efficient

You don’t have to sacrifice an aesthetically pleasing sign for your business to become more environmentally green. Neon uses 50-60% less electricity than regular bulbs. Also, since neon doesn’t use filament like incandescent bulbs, the neon electrodes remain cool to the touch. Not only is that safer as an option for indoor signage around restaurants, bars, and offices, but it also means less electricity is being wasted.

Neon Signs Are Durable

Neon signs constructed by expert craftsmen will last for years and years. Compare that to the lifespan of the average lightbulb, which is around 6-12 months. Not only are neon signs highly durable, but they also have a high tolerance for power surges. Typically, a neon light will last for about ten years or longer, and as long as you perform routine maintenance, your neon sign will serve your business for many, many years.

Design Freedom

One big benefit of neon signs is how customizable they are. Neon comes in over 100 colors, and the way the glass tubing is crafted makes the design options limitless. Since neon signs are made 100% custom to your specifications, they can be designed in almost any shape and color.

Free Neon Sign Consultation

Whether you are opening a new business or want to update your current brand image, neon signs are worth considering. Sign Advisors of Houston works with you to navigate the process of creating neon signs for your Houston business.


Call Sign Advisors of Houston today at 713-494-1174 or contact us for a Free Neon Sign Consultation.

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We serve Houston and all of Texas. While Houston is home, Sign Advisors has capabilities that span all of Texas and beyond. We can help you find the best sign pricing in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio or any other Texas region.

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