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Monument Signs

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Monument sign are exterior ground signs (usually less than 8 feet high) that are used to identify building occupants or tenants. Monument signs can be either illuminated or non-illuminated and can be made of many different materials including aluminum, brick or stone. Monuments signs can also include multiple tenants for shopping centers or office buildings. Monument signs can also be used for directional or wayfinding purposes and can also incorporate LED message centers.

Monument Signs are very effective for buildings that are set back from the street. These signs can be designed to enhance the look of your property by using an architectural design to match your building. Monument signs also give you the chance to make a great first impression on your customers and visitors, as they are typically placed at the entrance to your property.


Monument signs provide a perfect professional entrance to your business and often include the address of the building and other information. This makes them a great form of street advertising while keeping your brand personality intact.


Monument signs can also be used for directional or wayfinding purposes and can also incorporate LED electronic message centers.

Styles of Monument Signs

Grounded with a solid structure flush to the ground, or mounted with a base, monument signs make a bold statement in a classy way. They are usually less than 8 feet high, can be single- or double-sided, and either illuminated either internally or externally, but can also be left unilluminated if lights aren’t needed.


Low profile monument signs maintain a substantial and prominent appeal. Monolith style monument signs work in situations where height is needed to enhance visibility due to obstructions or distance. Monuments sign can also incorporate multiple tenant panels for multi-tenant retail shopping centers or office buildings.  These tenants’ panels can also be illuminated or non-illuminated depending upon the required visibility and outside lighting.

Materials and Finishes

Monument signs can be made of many different materials including aluminum, brick, or stone. They can be fabricated to any desired shape or size and can include detailed decorative caps and elements. Dimensional graphics can also be added to provide depth and durability. Stone veneers and brick texture options can add prominence and help the sign blend with the environment.


Tenant panels on multi-tenant monument signs can be made of acrylic. Alternately, the tenant names can be routed into the aluminum and backed by acrylic or can be dimensional or flat cut out letters mounted on the monument sign.

Industrial paint finishes, along with added texture options, allow for smooth surfaces, faux textures, and more. Sign Advisors of Houston will work with you to ensure custom colors match your specific brand guidelines or facility colors.

Free Monument Sign Consultation

Sign Advisors of Houston works with you to create customized monument signs that achieve and create just the look you are imagining while elevating your brand.


Call Sign Advisors today at 713-494-1174 or contact us for a Free Monument Sign Consultation.

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