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Church Signs

Church signs provide an essential means of communication with existing church members, potential members, and the community. The right types of signs, including identification signage, promotional signage, wayfinding signage, and safety signage can make a big difference for churches, synagogues, religious institutions, and other places of worship throughout the Houston metro area.


There are many ways the right mix of signage makes it easy for congregation members and visitors to find your location, as well as comfortably and safely navigate your spaces.


Improve the Experience of First-time Visitors

It’s Sunday morning. A family is visiting your church for the first time and searching for the nursery. With the right wayfinding and identification signage, getting their children to the nursery and themselves to the worship service is easy and stress-free.


Wayfinding and Identification

From exterior roadway signage that let folks know they have found your church facility to interior identification signs that navigate them to the right location, Sign Advisors of Houston can help you plan each wayfinding and identification element with a focus on the first time and infrequent visitor experience. Our goal is to help you deliver messages and images that are concise, consistently presented, and understood by anyone visiting your facility.


Donor Recognition

Members and their families love to see the difference they make through contributions to your Houston church. Sign Advisors of Houston helps you organize and communicate a meaningful donor recognition effort. From integration with traditional signage elements to large custom displays, we help you create a solution that makes a lasting impact. Bringing us in early as a partner in a capital campaign also allows us to help you develop a financial plan and create tools to best showcase and communicate your vision and expand your reach with potential donors.


Special Events

Make sure congregation members, visitors, and the community know about upcoming events at your church and drive attendance to upcoming plays, vacation bible school, or other important events. Promotional signage and electronic message boards make it easy for you to share timely news and information. Today’s LED digital displays can provide fully customized, flexible messaging that can be scheduled in advance.


Exterior Church Signs

Make your church a welcoming sanctuary with impactful outdoor signs and graphics. Whether you are looking to share information about special events or want to make sure your signage reflects your unique message, Sign Advisors of Houston will help you create custom monument signs, wayfinding sign, promotional event signage, building signs, LED digital displays and any other custom church signage you may need to get the word out about what your church has to offer.


Interior Church Signs

Since churches typically provide services to people of all ages in different areas of their facilities, it is important to have appropriate signage that effectively allows everyone to easily get where they are supposed to be. ADA signs, wayfinding signage, room signage and directories help to identify different areas, making it easy for church members and visitors to find their way.


Free Church Sign Consultation

Sign Advisors of Houston works with you to help you get the best value for your Houston church sign project. We will make sure you get the impactful, attractive, and informative signs you need to support your congregation and visitors.

Call Sign Advisors today at 713-494-1174 or contact us for a Free Church Sign Consultation.

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Serving Houston and All of Texas

We serve Houston and all of Texas. While Houston is home, Sign Advisors has capabilities that span all of Texas and beyond. We can help you find the best sign pricing in Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio or any other Texas region.

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