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Benefits of a Daktronics On-Site Live Digital Display Demonstration

Sign Advisors of Houston and Daktronics offer free no-obligation live on-site digital sign demonstrations. And now through January 2024, Sign Advisors is offering a Daktronics rebate on your purchase just for participating in a live demonstration.

One of the most important steps of the decision-making process for a new LED digital sign is a live on-sate digital sign demonstration. Daktronics and Sign Advisors of Houston are some of the few companies offering a free, on-site demo to show you first-hand why Daktronics is the right digital display solution for your organization.

Local Houston-based Daktronics employees will bring their trailer with actual-sized LED displays with programmed content right to your location. During your Daktronics digital sign demo, we will discuss some of the features, benefits, and options available from Daktronics.

High Resolution Display

  • Resolution, termed pixel pitch, is one of the most important elements of a digital led screen. Daktronics will provide a live demonstration of an 8mm, 10mm and/or 15.85 mm display, each with a 160Hx90V degree viewing angle. You can then determine which resolution is best for your Houston company, based on display size, viewing distance, type of content and price.

Extended Parts Availability

  • Daktronics is one of the only digital display companies offering a 10-year parts availability guarantee, ensuring long-term value for your investment. Daktronics and Sign Advisors also demonstrates their confidence in the products by offering up to 10-years of parts and labor warranty. This assurance guarantees that you're not just purchasing a display; you're investing in a lasting, high-quality solution that will stand the test of time.

Durable and Weather Resistant

  • Heat and moisture are the biggest threats to LEDs and their longevity, especially in the Houston climate. Any state-of-art electronic device that is exposed to the unrelenting Houston weather will need to be thoroughly protected and tested. During the demo we will show you Daktronics rugged durability with its fully sealed IP-67 rated panels and electrical components. You can submerse them fully in water and they will continue to perform. Don’t try that with other manufacturers.

Made in the USA

  • One of the keys to the Daktronics quality is its Made in the USA commitment. At Daktronics not only are the metal cabinets constructed and LED panels assembled in the USA, but all panels, electronics and circuit boards are made in the high-tech fabrication facilities in South Dakota and Minnesota. This ensures the highest quality control, parts availability, and seamless integration of software and hardware.

Cloud-Based Remote Software

  • Daktronics proprietary cloud-based software was designed for ease of use for beginners and experts alike. During the Daktronics demo, we will show you how your messaging can be changed from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone from anywhere in the world. In addition to changing content from any location with internet access, you can also schedule updates and monitor your digital display’s performance.

Cellular Communication Device

  • Daktronics provides seamless connectivity between hardware and software with a Verizon 4G cellular modem and a lifetime data plan included. No longer do you need to connect hard fiber from your building to the sign nor do rely upon the limitations of ethernet radios to communicate from point to point.

Houston-based Support and Service

  • Unique in the digital display industry, Daktronics has Houston-based local employees and technicians to provide support, training, and service. Sign Advisors and Daktronics can bring a demo unit right to your door to show you how it could benefit your location. Post sale, we are local and can provide fast, efficient communication and service.

Live Web-Based Training

  • During the demonstration, Daktronics will show how their proprietary cloud-based software can easily be used to program your digital display. After your order, you will be scheduled for Daktronics live, web-based conference call format training. This call will be recorded to provide a reference at any time. Enroll as many people as you like for the like for this personalized training.

Added Performance

  • Daktronics displays come with additional features that increase the performance and longevity of the product, including front ventilation, matte finished louvers, auto-dimming, UL-listing and FCC compliance.

Contact Sign Advisors of Houston today for your free Daktronics on-site live digital display demonstration. Ask about the rebates you can earn just for attending.


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