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As We Re-Open, Now is the Time to Focus on Signage.

Make Sure You Are Visible.

Despite these difficult times, now is the time to make sure your business is visible. Signs market your brand 24/7, 365, even if you are only partially open.

Now Open Sign in Houston
Now Open LED Sign

• 85% of your customers are located within 5 miles of your location

• Your sign is the most cost-effective sales tool… even more so today

• Signage gets people in the door

Business Partner Magazine has published a report outlining the five reasons why signage is important for any business.

  1. Enhances communication. Signs represent your brand's most visible form of communication and can impact how a brick-and-mortar store performs.

  2. Gives your business a competitive advantage. A creative, unique storefront sign can attract and draw customers from a distance, and can be the differentiator that helps you stand out in a sea of other stores.

  3. Is a cost-effective marketing tool. Signs are an essential part of your marketing strategy — think o f them as an exterior ongoing marketing campaign that's visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  4. Increases sales opportunities. Well-designed, quality signage can generate unplanned impulse stops — something to which the U.S. Small Business Administration attributes an estimated 20-45% of business sales.

  5. Builds brand awareness. Signage is a critical component in building brand awareness. McDonalds and Starbucks are two great examples of brands that make the most out of their signage. The greater your brand recognition is, the easier it is for your brand to influence customer perceptions and attitudes — and their buying habits.

The International Sign Association also published an article by the Sign Research Foundation that outlines retail signage practices to increase return on investment. This extensive report provides case studies and ROI calculations from a range of retailers including:

  • Large national retail brands

  • Small community-based organizations

  • Commercial strip shopping centers

  • Convenience stores

  • Historical districts.

The report also focuses on a range of products including interior signs, exterior signage, architectural elements, lighting, display signage and digital signs.

Sign Advisors can help you evaluate your options and find the most competitive prices to repair, replace or upgrade your signage. Our service is free and there is no obligation. Schedule a free consultation today.


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