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Happy New Year

No, it's not New Year's yet.

But, if you are planning signage for 2022, its not too early to get started - especially with the current supply chain issues.

A custom sign project can take 12-18 weeks or longer!

Here's why:

  • Design, site and permit evaluation, engineering and pricing - 2-6 weeks

  • Approval of documents by client, landlord and/or others - 1-3 weeks

  • City, County and/or HOA permit approval - 2-4 weeks

  • Materials procurement, fabrication and assembly - 6-10 weeks

  • Aluminum, steel, acrylic and vinyl are in short supply

  • Installation (weather permitting) - 1-2 weeks

Contact Sign Advisors today to get your sign project started. We can also help with a budget estimate or permit evaluation so you can hit the ground running in 2022.

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