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How can a sign advisor help me get the right Houston signage solution?

Buying a sign is no different than any other large purchase for your business. Since you may be unfamiliar with the process, terminology, materials or contract terms, engaging an advisor may save you time and money.

Here are six ways that a sign advisor can help your business get the right signage solution:

1. Advisors can get better pricing

Sign advisors are independent and represent the sign buyer. This independence allows them to obtain pricing from multiple Houston sign companies and make them compete for your business. Sign companies know they need to submit a very competitive price to sign advisor to get their recommendation.

2. Advisors provide in-depth market expertise you may not have in-house

A sign advisor understands how signs are designed, manufactured and installed. They can scrutinize the details in drawings, specifications and proposals. This ensures you get what you are asking for without added cost, delay or hassle. Sign companies know they are dealing with experts and put their best foot forward.

3. Advisors can provide strategic direction

Not sure the best kind of sign for your business or location? A sign advisor can help you evaluate your situation, budget or message. Often your signage type is dictated by your landlord or by local permit authorities. A signage advisor can help you navigate these restrictions for the best sign strategy.

4. Advisors understand the complexity of signage procurement

Signs are custom designed and manufactured for specifically for your business and its location. To initiate the sign buying process you need to request designs, sizes, layouts, material specifications, contract terms and pricing. Evaluating each proposal from one sign company to another can be difficult. A sign advisor can help you compare each element of the process to ensure you get the best solution and value.

5. Advisors can help you manages supplier contracting

Once you select a sign company and the signs you want, you must approve several documents to finalize the deal. Documents that need approval include drawings/renderings, contracts, permit applications and deposit invoices. Sign advisors will work with you to evaluate each document, understand any risk involved and answer any questions before you approve.


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