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Meet The Glazelite XL™

The May Group Introduces Glazelite XL™ in Collaboration With Sign Advisors of Houston

The May Group, located in Fort Worth, Texas. is partnering with Sign Advisors of Houston, Texas to launch an innovative interior custom illuminated product for the signage industry. Glazelite XL™ is more than just a sign, it's a stunning, large format, single-panel, back lit and edge lit masterpiece.

What makes Glazelite XL™ different from other signage?

Glazelite XL™ is an impressive, 4'x8', beautifully illuminated, work of art, designed for high-end large format advertising, wayfinding, exhibitions, or experiential applications. The sign's key feature is a unique interchangeable faceplate that makes it a snap to refresh the graphics with a new message or image.

"Before Glazelite XL, the only option businesses had for large format signage were boring back-lit light-boxes with a thick frame. There isn't another product out there like Glazelite XL," said Jim Hall, SVP of Business & Product Development at the May Group. "We developed the concept in collaboration with Sign Advisors so that we could incorporate features most important to the signage industry."

This product is perfect for reception areas, wayfinding, conference rooms and retail point of purchase or anywhere your client needs to communicate brand or message.

What are the Glazelite XL™ features?

  • Unique thin-profile indoor sign with a printed, illuminated face and beveled acrylic edge

  • Edge lighting in white, red, green or blue color

  • Interchangeable faceplate to refresh graphics, images and messages

  • Custom sizes and shapes up to 4’x 8’

  • Concealed plug-in power supply

  • Made in the USA

  • See the Glazelite XL Signage Product Sheet below for more details.

Glazelite XL Signage Product Sheet
Download PDF • 778KB

Where can I obtain pricing and other information?

The May Group has set up a special trade-only pricing program with Gregg Hollenberg, President of Sign Advisors of Houston. Sign companies should contact Gregg for more information.

"The May Group has a 76 year "Made in America" history of being responsive and providing high quality products, and we wanted to add a product that wasn't available on the market. The fact that you can find an LED face lit and edge lit sign of this size combined with these features is a game changer," said Gregg.

The May Group's headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Fort Worth, Texas. For more than 70 years, they have been creating custom signage and innovative visual brand solutions. Their designers and engineers have over 150 years of collective experience skillfully crafting signage and displays that range from practical to downright stunning.

Contact Gregg Hollenberg - at Sign Advisors for details on the Glazelite XL Trade Only Program for signage companies.

Source: The May Group


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