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The Benefits of Including a Digital Display in Your Sign (or Signage)

Digital displays, sometimes called LED Signs or electronic message centers, can provide cost effective, on-site advertising for your Houston business. These signs can be easily changed and updated, making them a solid solution for promoting your products and services, highlighting a call to action, or supporting community events or activities

LED electronic message center (EMC) pylon sign for automotive dealership
LED Digital Sign for Auto Dealer

According to the Small Business Administration, LED digital signs can be the most cost effective form of advertising for your business, church, school, or organization. There are many ways an LED sign can help increase your sales. An LED digital sign:

  1. Encourages passing cars to stop and visit your business

  2. Attracts attention to your location for future client needs

  3. Promotes special products and services to customers entering your driveway

  4. Triggers impulse buying for your most profitable items and/or closeout specials

  5. Displays different messages based on time of day, day of the week, holidays, special events, and weather conditions

Your Houston digital display can also be used to support your overall business objectives such as:

  • Welcoming key clients to your facility

  • Recruiting new staff members

  • Highlighting your store hours

Factors to Consider When Choosing an LED Display

In short, the manufacturer matters. An LED sign is a significant investment for your business and reflects your brand and image. For digital message centers nothing differentiates quality more than the display manufacturer. Sign Advisors recommends an LED message center manufacturer who can provide:

LED electronic message center (EMC) installed in pylon ground sign for retail shopping center
LED Digital Display for Retail Shopping Center
  • US-based manufacturing and assembly of all parts and components. It’s important that they control all aspects of the manufacturing process.

  • Significant experience with Houston-based installations. Heat and humidity degrade LEDs — do they know how to make an installation last? Ask for specific examples and locations of local LED signs you can see in person.

  • Houston-based service. This helps ensure your service can be done quickly.

  • On-site demonstration at your facility. Seeing the product first-hand will give you a more accurate feel for how they work and do business.

  • A 5 to 10-year parts and labor warranty. Does the manufacturer stand behind their products for a reasonable length of time?

  • Easy-to-use content software that allows you and your employees to create and update messaging with minimal support.

  • Cloud-based software that makes it possible to control the messaging and display remotely from any computer or device.

Other Key LED Sign Considerations

LED electronic message centers incorporate state-of-the-art technology. Following are the top things you should consider when selecting a digital display.

Size – The size of your digital display is extremely important to ensure it is visible and can meet your needs for images and text. However, be sure to check the sign code for your city or county — there can be significant restrictions on the maximum size of an electronic message center.

Resolution – Pixel pitch is the measurement of resolution for LED signs. There are two types of pixels — trough-hole mount and surface mount — and each has benefits and drawbacks. The average resolution of exterior message centers are 16mm - 20mm resolution. Higher resolution LED signs are available in 10mm, 8mm, or even 6 mm pixel pitch. The right resolution for your sign is not just a function of your budget but is also based on the viewing distance and speed of cars on the road.

LED sign showing resolution, color and brightness
LED Digital Display

Contrast and Brightness – LED signs with higher contrast show sharper, clearer, and more impactful images. The brightness of your display should be calibrated and automatically adjusted for day/night and ambient lighting conditions, including sun and cloud cover. An LED sign that is too bright is as difficult to read as one that is not bright enough.

Color Depth – Shades of blue, red, and green can create a full spectrum of colors. More depth of color provides better visibility and color recognition. Some electronic message centers can provide thousands, millions, billions, or even trillions of color combinations.

Ventilation – It is critical that your message center has proper ventilation to cool the LEDs, especially in the Houston heat. Front ventilation systems ensure that air flow is not restricted based on how the sign is installed or whether the EMC is incorporated into other sign components.

Service Access – Should your LED sign require service or panel replacement, easy access to the electronics and panels is important. This allows your sign to be serviced quickly, efficiently and at least cost.

Redundancy – Digital signs require electronic signals to be passed from one panel to another. Having redundant signal connections (from multiple directions) helps ensure your message stays visible, even if you have an electronic failure

Sealed Components – Make sure all LED modules, power supplies, controllers, fans, and connects are fully sealed. This will protect your sign from water, dust, dirt, and other elements,

Sign Advisors are experts in LED and digital signage and can help you evaluate message center sign options. Our consulting service is free and there are is no obligation to purchase anything from our recommended sign companies. Get started today: Schedule a free, no-fee sign consultation.


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