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What qualifications are important in selecting a Houston sign company?

Buying a sign in Houston is a major purchase. It represents your brand, image and message. Like any significant expenditure, it’s important to do your homework to find a qualified and trusted Houston sign company.

Here are six qualifications to consider when choosing a sign shop in Houston:

1. Sign contractor license

In Texas, all sign companies selling or installing a electrical sign must have a state contractor’s license. In addition, many areas including the City of Houston and Harris County, require sign companies to register to apply for sign permits on behalf of customers.

2. Master Sign Electrician/Journeyman Sign Electrician

Every licensed sign company must have a Master Sign Electrician on staff to oversee the production and installation of illuminated signage. Master Sign Electricians are licensed by the State of Texas and must pass a comprehensive electrical exam. In Houston, a Journeyman Sign must also be present on site when an electrical sign in installed.

3. Certified crane operators

Recently, all operators of certain motorized cranes need to be certified. Each crane truck operator must pass a written exam and show they can safely operate the equipment in front of an instructor.

4. Certified welders

Sign fabrication often requires the welding of aluminum and steel materials. For safety and environmental purposes, many facility owners now require any fabricated structure (including signs) at their site be welded by certified sign welders with approved technics.

5. Swing stage certification

If your sign is located on a high rise building or wall that has difficult access, chances are the sign will be installed using a swing stage (think of a window washer). There are many regulations and safety measures concerning the installation and operation of swing stages. Persons operating and working within a swing stage should be certified to ensure safe operation and no damage is done to the building.

6. OSHA certified

The Occupational Health and Safety Administrations (OSHA) has developed safety certification for workers in the construction trade. Having installers certified in OSHA 10 (10 hours of training) or OSHA 30 will lessen the risk of on-site accidents or issues.


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