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Why I Recommend Daktronics Interior LED Digital Displays

Interior Digital Signage

LED digital signs have become common place alongside traditional static signage and are one of the fastest growing segments in the signage industry. Within the digital signage category, interior digital displays are becoming increasingly popular.

LED digital signage manufacturers have for many years focused on exterior on-premise electronic message centers and off-premise digital billboards. However, as technology has evolved, indoor LED display signage has become increasingly popular. First used primarily as replacements for LCD displays, today’s larger format LED displays are now high resolution, competitively priced alternatives for video walls and projectors for retail environments, educational rooms, conference rooms, churches, theaters, or wherever dynamic changeable content can provide value.

While there are many terms for interior digital signage – including digital displays, LED message displays and direct view LED displays (most combine display hardware, specialized software and impactful content to provide dynamic) highly effective messaging, advertising and promotion.

Types of Digital Signs

Interior digital signs can take many different forms and be used for a variety of purposes.

Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards transform traditional restaurant and retail menus to dynamic communication displays to enhance customer experience and increase revenue. Updating menus, pricing and featured items is quick and simple, while allowing content to be rotated often. The graphic displays also attract customers and trigger impulse buys.

Video Walls

Traditionally video walls were made up of many individual digital displays (either LCD or LED) installed in an array to simulate a larger single display. However, with today’s technology this array of displays can be cost-effectively replaced with a large single narrow pixel pitch LED display.

Interior narrow pixel pitch displays are now surpassing the resolution of traditional monitors. Starting with 3.9mm resolution, interior LED displays are available down to 1.2mm for an ultra-high-definition experience.

Interior LED signage is now available as all-in-one smart LED displays that are perfect for conference rooms, classrooms, churches or retail environments. All-in-one LED displays are available in 110, 138, 165 and 220-inch diagonal sizes and features a standard 16:9 aspect ratio and pixel-perfect HD resolution (1920x1080). These signs are made of ease of installation and ease of use.

For larger or more complex applications, configurable LED displays can be produced in any size and available resolution. Today’s affordable LED displays can now replace traditional projectors for churches, theaters, conference rooms with the benefits of front-view LED technology. These include brightness that can be easily seen in high ambient light environments, large area with seamless image quality as well as the ability to configure the display in different shapes, curves and corners.

Choose a Daktronics LED sign from Sign Advisors in Houston

Throughout my signage career, I have worked with many different LED sign manufacturers. Today, I recommend Daktronics for all commercial LED message center and digital display signage applications. Indoor or outdoor, Daktronics has the right range of digital products for any application.

For more information about indoor LED signs from Daktronics see these brochures:

Daktronics Indoor LED Displays
Download PDF • 4.96MB

Daktronics Smart All-In-One LED Display
Download PDF • 3.25MB

Daktronics House of Worship Brochure
Download PDF • 1.15MB

Daktronics is a world leader in audiovisual systems and implementation. Daktronics offers one of the industry’s broadest selection of products, including large-format LED video displays, message displays, scoreboards, digital billboards, audio systems and control systems in sport, business and transportation applications.

Daktronics is also the leader in digital signage in Houston. Daktronics has employees located in Houston, in other parts of Texas and across the country to provide local support and service. They have demo LED signs to bring to your location to show you exactly what your sign will look like before you purchase. They also have local employees to call once you buy.

Sign Advisors has extensive experience with new and replacement LED signs and digital displays and is an authorized Daktronics dealer. Contact Sign Advisors for a free, no-obligation quote or to just ask a question.


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