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Why I Recommend Daktronics LED Signs

What is an LED sign?

LED signs are a form of digital electronic signage, one of the fastest growing segments in the signage industry. Sign companies are seeing a huge increase in the use of digital signs in combination with standard static signage.

Interior digital signage (sometimes call digital displays or direct view LED displays) utilizes a combination of digital display hardware, specialized software and impactful content to provide dynamic, highly effective messaging, advertising and promotion inside your place of business.

Exterior digital signs (sometimes called LED displays, LED electronic message centers, LED message displays or simply LED signs) can be used to promote your brand, image or message to those passing by vehicle or on foot.

Why choose an exterior LED sign?

LED signs are the most cost-effective advertising medium. They promote your brand, message and products 24/7/365. They continuously communicate with your most likely customers, those that pass your business or organization every day. Even better, you can target your message based on time of day, day of week, season or what you are promoting at that time. Many studies show LED signs provide a great rate of return and can be your most cost-effective advertising medium.

Why choose a Daktronics LED sign?

Throughout my signage career, I have worked with many different LED sign manufacturers. Today, I recommend Daktronics for all commercial LED message center signage applications.

Daktronics is the world’s largest provider of outdoor LED message center signs for commercial applications, transportation and live events. You have probably seen their scoreboards in many of the NFL, MLB and NBA stadiums. Daktronics is also among the Forbes 100 Most Trustworthy Companies.

Recently, I evaluated several brands of LED signs for one of my clients. Here are the reasons Daktronics stood out.

Quality Durable Hardware

  • Manufactured in the United States and qualifies for the Buy American Act – One of the key differentiators is that all of Daktronics components and panels are manufactured in the United States and supported by local technicians and employees.

    • Many LED sign companies claim to make their product in the US, but in reality, they are importing panels from abroad and just assembling them in metal cabinets in the United States.

    • Full US manufacturing is extremely important to ensure quality as well as having readily available parts and support for repairs. The Houston hot sun gives LEDs and LED signs a beating. Panels will inevitably go out. The key question is what do the panels look like after the first year and will supply parts for up to 10 years after purchase.

  • Quality design features - Daktronics invests millions of dollars annually in research and development and tests all is products in its proprietary Product Reliability Lab. Important features include:

    • Front ventilation

    • Contrast enhancing borders

    • Sleek cabinets

    • Seamless module registration

    • Easy to remove interchangeable modules

    • Weather sealed power supply and display controller

    • Redundant cabling

    • Optimal contrast versus resolution for its panels

  • Cell modem connection – All Daktronics LED signs connect to the internet via a cellular modem (other forms are also available). This provides maximum flexibility as to the location of the sign and allows access to the software from anywhere. Best of all, included with your purchase the cell modem itself and lifetime data.

Easy-to-use Software

  • Cloud-based - Daktronics leads the industry with its cloud-based software. This software can be accessed on an unlimited number of devices (including PC, smartphone or tablet) without downloading local software. This allows the message to be changed from literally anywhere on almost any device.

  • Automatic updates and revisions – because the software is cloud-based, all software updates or revisions are automatically refreshed and uploaded. You will always get the latest features and functionality.

  • Multi-sign functionality - If you have multiple LED signs, Daktronics software can control all signs from a single user account.

  • Variety of file formats – Daktronics software can utilize many different file formats, including jpg, png, bmp, AVI, MOV and MP4.

  • Enhanced security – Daktronics offers two-point authentication (password and additional verification) for extra security. Protocols can also be put in place to designate only those who have authorization to change messaging.

  • Built-in content library – Included with the software is a large library of free content to use in your messaging. Daktronics can also provide custom content services to get the most out of your LED sign.

Outstanding Local Service and Support

  • Local Support – Daktronics has employees located in Houston, in other parts of Texas and across the country to provide local support and service. They have demo LED signs to bring to your location to show you exactly what your sign will look like before you purchase. They also have local employees to call to once you buy.

  • Comprehensive warranty – Daktronics standard warranty is 5-years. This can be extended up to 10 years to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Daktronics guarantees parts availability for 10 years and ships out replacement parts next day to reduce any potential downtime.

See this video for information about the benefits of Daktronics LED signs.

Sign Advisors has extensive experience with new and replacement LED signs and is an authorized Daktronics dealer. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote or to just ask a question.

About Sign Advisors

Sign Advisors helps sign buyers manage their signage projects and get the best deals from local sign companies. There are no fees and there is no obligation to use any of the sign companies recommended. Sign Advisors is also an authorized Daktronics dealer for all of your LED sign needs. Vist for more details.

About Daktronics

Daktronics helps its customers to impact their audiences throughout the world with large-format LED video displays, message displays, scoreboards, digital billboards, audio systems and control systems in sport, business and transportation applications. Founded in 1968 as a USA-based manufacturing company, Daktronics has grown into the world leader in audiovisual systems and implementation with offices around the globe. Discover more at


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