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5 Signage Trends for 2021

What can we say about 2020 that hasn’t already been said? Let’s turn the page and look at signage trends for 2021. While some are not new, for Houston businesses its more important than ever to focus on marketing effectiveness and efficiency.

1. Get the Most Value

While the Houston economy is expected to show continued recovery in 2021, the pandemic caused businesses to rethink operating and marketing expense. Signage itself is a highly cost-

effective form of advertising. Making sure you are getting the best deal for new signage can pay dividends in 2021. While its important to negotiate price, you can also improve value with extended parts and labor warranties, higher quality sign materials or faster installation. The Sign Research Foundation has published a report that highlights signage best practices to increase return on investment.

2. Emphasize Contrast and Visibility

If nothing else, your signage must be readable and visible from a distance. The business landscape is changing, especially in retail. Having your sign stand out with the right, size, font and color contrast will make it recognizable to all that pass by. This is especially important for signs that are installed on a building away from a roadway. A font or color that works well in print or other advertising media may not work well for signage. The International Sign Association has highlighted Factors of Sign Effectiveness.

3. Retrofit with LED Lighting – LED technology for signage use has been around for several years, but now the lower cost and ease of installation make it a must for any sign needing repair.

LEDs can be retrofitted to install inside most signs cabinets and sign types. Instead of facing continued lighting outages and replacing bulbs and ballasts on a regular basis, retrofit to LEDs. They will last a long time (often coming with an extended warranty) and save considerable money on your electricity bill. LED lighting can pay for itself in only a few years. See LED Signs for more detail. The Department of Energy also has resources to help you evaluate LED lighting cost savings.

4. Incorporate Digital Displays

Changeable dynamic messaging can take your static sign to the next level of effectiveness. Digital

displays, sometimes called electronic message centers or LED signs, can provide very targeted

advertising and promotion at your point of sale. Today’s digital signs are affordable, long-lasting and very high resolution.Digital signs can help you get noticed and deliver your latest promotion, featured product or help advertise your next event or activity.

Whether indoor as a wall sign or menu board or outdoor integrated into a pylon sign or monument sign, a digital sign can jumpstart your 2021 marketing plan. Want more details? See the Sign Advisors Blog, The Benefits of Including a Digital Display in your Sign and also Digital Signs and LED Eectronic Message Centers.

5. Design Something Iconic – There are many iconic Houston building and structures. Why not make your Houston sign iconic as well. A sign can be a free-standing representation of your style, brand or image. In addition to words and logos, a sign contains shape, color, texture, structure and dimension. Designing an iconic sign can make your brand and location stand out. Check out these unique sign designs.

Sign Advisors are experts in Houston signs and can help you evaluate any signage or LED lighting need. Our consulting service is free and there are is no obligation to purchase anything. Get started today: Schedule a free, no-fee sign consultation.


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